Video Pass: presentation

Video Pass

This blog was created in order to communicate with people using or could using internet to access to the culture.

Learn more about "Video Pass": 
Video Pass is a project to provide a new solution of culture access. The principe of Video Pass would be to provide a legal solution of VOD (Video On Demand) to fight against piracy in offer a alternative solution. It is clear that currently the culture is a little bit expensive. That's why the vision of Video Pass would be to offer a low cost culture access. Video Pass, like the name shows it, will be devote to cinema. But it will be important for us to provide movies and also documentary videos to the best price.

About the project "Video Pass": 
In few days, some questionnaires will be present in different languages. Please, fill it in the way as honest as possible. You also have the possibility to let a comment in order to give us your opinion (only in French or English).

Please, feel free to write an e-mail to "video.pass.2012@gmail.comif you have any questions about this project.

Video Pass: Questionnaire 1

Video Pass 

This first questionnaire is a research on the connection between you and culture on internet.
  • Questionnaire in English: here.
  • Questionnaire en français : ici